Living Room Rebuild

Then Don rebuilt the ceiling and the wall to the bathroom.


Foyer - Master Closet

We also changed the entrance from the garage. Originally, one would walk through a laundry room from the garage into the kitchen. We wanted a foyer for coats and shoes and the laundry in the master closet. So Don rebuilt the walls to make the master closet larger, add a foyer and a pantry. 


YAY Drywall!

There is nothing like getting the drywall done to make things feel finished. Here is what the space looked like after the drywall went in. Our big decision here was where to put the doorway into the other side. We knew we wanted to connect the two side with some kind of door, but we didn't want to interrupt the middle of the living space. You can see us mocking up with an extra door where we might put the door. When we painted it, it finally came together. For father's day we decided to have our first meal in the new space.



We decided that centering a wide doorway was the best move. A four foot wide doorway to a mainly office space that could double as a guest room when needed seemed like the best placement for both the living room on the house side and the second bedroom on the apt side. We got the concrete guys to come out and cut through the firewall to make that happen.