I feel bad about how much waste we made tak


TILE removal

The tile came up pretty easily.



We decided the second bedroom and the linen closet in the second bathroom had to go. It made the living room too small and an awkward oblong shape. We argued quite a bit about whether or not we should leave the second bathroom. I felt it was in the middle of the living space and Don thought it broke up the space nicely. After doing some reworking of my plan in Sketchup, I acquiesced. Now, I am glad I did, he was right.


Kitchen Demo

Next we ripped out the kitchen. I put the original back in the slideshow, so you can see the before and after. It was an unnecessarily small kitchen. Taken that bar and wall out made a huge difference!



After we took out the walls, we had to decide about the ceiling of the bedroom. Should we leave it a drop down and have a little "nook" or should we open it all up to the pitch of the scissor trusses? We decided to open it up. It was more work, but we both are really glad we did.